Ministry Updates

Let's sit down for a digital cup of coffee! This section gives you the chance to get caught up with what's happening the ministry you support and hear stories from my leadership perspective.  I also really value the chance to let me know what's happening in your life so don't be shy with the comments.

Art and Life

Art is a unique avenue into the heart of God.  It has been a necessary place of wrestling, contemplation, and expression for me and my growth in Jesus. This section of the site serves as an invitational online gallery for you to enjoy visual and written art that is produced from ministry experiences, family realities, deep personal reflection, and a hint of whimsy.

Kingdom giving

 There is always room for more in giving.  Kingdom giving is kindred spirit with Jesus' call to invite some from every nation into fellowship with God.  In giving, it's about inviting some believers from every industry and walk of life to join God's movement in a specific way.  Learn more about how God might be calling you to give to his work among college and university's not all about money.